Brimfield Township, OH

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Brimfield Township is located in Portage County, in the heart of Northeast Ohio. We are a rapidly expanding community dedicated to maintaining our rural identity, preserving our heritage and balancing our growth.

Brimfield Township is located in the Southwest quadrant of Portage County, Ohio. It is bordered by the city of Kent to the north, Rootstown Township to the east, Suffield Township to the south, and by the city of Tallmadge in Summit County to the west.

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Brimfield Town Hall
1333 Tallmadge Road
Brimfield, Ohio 44240

For assistance, please call the township offices at 330-678-0739 or email Wendi O’Neal at

Road Department — Now Hiring!

Contact Town Hall for more information – 330.678.0739 



Proposed Interstate Route 76/Tallmadge Road/Mogadore Road Transportation Improvement Project:

Do you wonder what the Brimfield Community Center looks like now?  Changes are coming very soon!  Take a moment to watch the video so you can see all the potential!  The Township is impressed with the support so far with the renovation, but more hands are always welcome!  Come and be a part of improving our parks!  Let’s work together to make possible the many opportunities this center will provide for our community!!  Call the Town Hall for Wendi or talk to our Township Trustees!  


To contact the Zoning Inspector, please email or call 330.678.0739 x 12

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Restland Cemetery                          

Jendy Miller
or call 330.678.0739 x 10