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Brimfield Township is located in the Southwest quadrant of Portage County, Ohio. It is bordered by the city of Kent to the north, Rootstown Township to the east, Suffield Township to the south, and by the city of Tallmadge in Summit County to the west. The township has an area of twenty-two and one half square miles.

The Township has access to an excellent transportation system with two interstate highway exchanges on I-76 located within the township, State Route 43 traversing in a north/south direction and State Route 261 located just north of the Township. The Township also contains a reasonably developed network of Local Township and county roads.

This accessibility to a well developed road network allows Brimfield to be within one hour’s drive of most of the major metropolitan areas of northeast Ohio: Cleveland, Akron, Canton, Youngstown, and Warren.

On a larger regional perspective, Brimfield is within one day’s drive of other major urban centers such as Cincinnati, Columbus, Toledo, Pittsburgh, Detroit, Chicago, New York, Philidelphia, and Washington D.C.

The transportation access, a key asset in Brimfield Township, allows it to have advantages of accessibility to diverse educational and cultural centers, large labor pools, large product markets, and allows its residents to enjoy diversity in both rural and urban landscapes, all factors contributing to the quality of life in Brimfield Township.

Brimfield Township is governed by three elected Township Trustees and one elected Fiscal Officer.  In addition, the Township maintains its own Police, Fire and EMS Departments.

The 2010 US Census lists the Township population at 10,350 persons.  Since 2000 Brimfield Township has been experiencing unprecedented residential growth, mutiple sub-divisions have been approved and are in various stages of development, building and occupancy.  With the build out of existing sub-divisions the population will increase by 1,424 persons, increasing the population to 11,736.  The present land use plan and zoning resolution, with minor adjustments, should allow growth to approximately 12,500 persons.

Joint Economic Development Districts have been created with both the City of Kent and the City of Tallmadge.  The JEDDS's, established in 2004, have been effective and has served as a successful mini regional economic development area for Brimfield, Tallmadge and Kent.  The mutual revenue sharing has served as model that a number of townships and municipalities have shown interest. 

Information on the JEDD Districts is offered on our website at under the Zoning and Economic Development section.

Prime space is available!  Contact the Brimfield Township Zoning and Development office for information: 330-678-0739