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The Brimfield Community Food Cupboard needs additional help!

For more than 35 years the Brimfield Community Food Cupboard has been providing food to Brimfield residents in need. The Faith United Methodist Church has provided a good home, at no cost, for our community food cupboard. Over these years, countless tons of food have come and gone from the cupboard. After many years of heavy traffic, with carts and dollies, the asbestos tile floor in the basement of the church is badly deteriorating. The floor is a health and safety concern for all who walk in these areas of the church. The church is currently addressing major roof leakage issues and is not financially able to cover the floor at this time. We are kindly asking our Brimfield residents to help our food cupboard by sponsoring one, two or three boxes of floor tile at $30.00 per box. Actually all donations, (of any amount), would be greatly appreciated and are 100% tax deductible. Just enclose a check made payable to the Brimfield Community Cupboard, (no cash please), in the attached envelope and either place it in your food bag donation or drop it off at the Faith United Methodist Church or Brimfield Police Department or place a stamp on the pre-addressed envelope and put it in the mail. Thank you for helping make Brimfield a better place to live!