For Information on the Township Town Center Sign please consider the following:

  • Information placed on the sign is for events taking place within the Township and/or groups, organizations, and residents of Brimfield Township. 
  • No advertising is permitted. 
  • New businesses opening will be announced on the sign as appreciation for locating within the Township.  
  • Events will be placed on the sign two (2) week prior to the start of the event and shall run until the end time of the event.  Run-time any earlier is not permitted.  
  • Events are ran in chronological order corresponding to the starting date of event.  For example:  An event that starts on the 12th will be ran before the event that starts on the 15th.  
  • Brimfield Township Departments, Trustees and meeting information is ran before all others and can be ran for longer than two (2) weeks; many are ongoing.
  • All others that do not have a clear start or end date shall be placed in the order as received after the dated events. 
  • Please keep in mind that you may not see your event while sitting at the stoplight; run times are usually for a duration of three (3) minutes per event.  
Please contact Jendy Miller for any sign events or notifications! 

Jendy Miller, Township Secretary 
330.678.0739 x 10

The Township was Awarded NOPEC Grant Monies

for the Electronic Sign

Northeast Ohio Public Energy Council recognized Brimfield Township for Exceptional Service to the Community through its "Powering our Communities" Energy Savings Program for 2011.  

Brimfield Township would like thank NOPEC for the generous grant awards that paid for the Town Center Electronic Sign.