The Shelter is located in the center of the Lion's Community Park.  The enclosed shelter is close to the baseball fields, basketball court, volleyball court and the play ground.  This pavilion provides a capacity of up to 49 persons and provides eight (8) six (6) foot picnic tables.  The enclosed shelter does have electricity and lights however it is not heat nor does it have air conditioning.  There is running water and portable restrooms available on site within the park.  

The Lions Shelter is available to rent year round, seven days a week from dawn to dust, on an hourly basis.  Additional chairs and tables must be provided by the person renting the pavilion.  Picnic tables are not to be removed from the shelter.  

 From Rental Information Click Here or to check the availability
please call the Township Administration office at 330.678.0739
and ask for Wendi or Jendy!