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jimnethkenpic.jpgThe Department of Public Works is located north of the center of town at 4484 Edson Road. At this facility and three bay salt bin and storage yard. This allows for storage and bulk purchases of road materials and salt for seasonal care of our Township roads.

Presently, 35 miles of roadways are maintained by Brimfield Township. With approved four residential developments in progress and at least two more within the next three to five years our mileage will increase considerably. The Portage County Engineers maintain twenty-three point eight (23.8) miles of road. ODOT is responsible for another five miles of state routes within the Township

The Department of Public Works employs four full-time road personnel. Services provided by the Department of Public Works include street repair, drive aprons and culvert replacement, ditch maintenance, storm sewer maintenance, seasonal roadside and park mowing and snow and ice removal.

In a normal winter, there is an average of 1,000 tons of road salt utilized. It is encouraged that residents not park vehicles on roads or pile snow in the roadway in order for snow and ice removal to be accomplished. Tree and shrub trimmings within the road right-of-way are performed for visibility of traffic regulatory signs. Stones, concrete or barriers placed within the road right-of-way may require removal for proper maintenance by the Public Works Department.The purpose of the Department of Public Works is provide and maintain safe travel on township roads. Currently, our major pavement renovations and total reconstruction for asphalt and concrete roads along with major storm sewer projects are funded through the Issue II projects. In 1990, the voters of the State of Ohio passed this Issue. The counties, cities and townships who want this funding apply every year. Since 1990 the Trustees and this department have worked together to acquire funding for a major project every The Township does have to participate in the cost of the project but the bulk of it is funded the need to ask the voters to pass a road levy.

The Department of Public Works is funded with a percentage of the motor vehicle, gasoline and permissive tax. To assure to the Township, residents should designate "Brimfield Township" (not Kent) as your taxing district when purchasing or renewing you automobile license plates.

Storm Water Management - The new regulations mandated by the Federal and Local EPA Divisions of the United States. Brimfield Township is under the newly mandated regulations. The guidelines for both commercial and residential properties must be followed by every land owner/user in the Township.


photo.JPGTThe newest addition to the Road Department Fleet is a  1994 Ford F Super Duty.  We acquired this truck from the Fire Department when they took  delivery of their new Fire Truck. With a few updates and a fresh coat of paint,  this truck is now in service.  The Super Duty is equipped to respond to service issues,  storm damage and will also be used for sign replacement.


Contact Information

phone:  330-541-3065


4484 Edson Road (Road Garage)

Kent, Ohio 44240

Big Lawnmower
Road Salt Storage


(Above - Cline Road Before)


(Above - Cline Road After)


(Above - Karg and Greenbriar)

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