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Field Youth Soccer has been a tradition in cooperation and enjoyment, between Brimfield and Suffield for years. Elementary aged children get hands on learning in the skills and techniques in a sport that has captivated millions. This program is opened to both boys and girls, 5 and up. 
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Field Youth Football is a member of the Suburban Youth Football Association.  Age, weight and experience of the individual players determine the football teams.  The Field Youth Football program is located behind Field High School on St. Rt. 43.  All practices and home games will be at this field. Visit web site (above) for more info.



Brimfield Youth Baseball- Hot Stove League
Chris Culbertson, President at 330-221-8098




 December 13, 2013

Field Youth Soccer is looking for Volunteers of Coaches.


If you are interested in leading a Rec or GAASA Soccer team this upcoming year please contact Field Youth Soccer's board. We are looking for people who are willing to teach and learn at the same time. We are willing to help in training as well.  Field Youth Soccer board will be setting up programs for those who are interested in to help with training.


We have had in the past volunteers that have stepped up in the program to help children and teach to the point they have be come the best coaches. They are willing to learn as well as get the kids involved.


Once again :  If this is something you are interested in please contact us.


We will be starting Spring GAASA Sign up in February. The Fall Rec will be in early summer.

www.Field Youth


Looking forward to hearing from you!

Field Youth Soccer Board