Zoning Commission

Brimfield Township Zoning Commission Meets every Second Thursday of each month at 7 PM at the Brimfield Township Town Hall.  


NOTICE: Effective Thursday, June 24, 2004 at 2:15PM , Brimfield Townships' New Zoning Resolution, Zoning Book , & Zoning Map is now the legal Zoning Code being used in the Township. Contact the Zoning Department for further information.
Phone: (330) 678-0739 - Fax: 330-678-6626
E-mail: rmessner@brimfieldohio.gov or woneal@brimfieldohio.gov

Brimfield Township Zoning Commission Members and Terms 

Ron Jones - 2013-2017
William Kremer - 2014-2018
Debbie Darlas - 2015-2019
Gary Rodd - 2012-2016       
Tom Sargent - 2016 - 2020


Thomas Johnson - 2016
Patrick Blair - 2016 

The Brimfield Township Zoning Commission created and established in 1960 by the Board of Township Trustees in accordance and under Sections 519.01 to 510.99 of the Ohio Revised Code. Authority and Responsibility of the Zoning Commission
The Commission is comprised of five [5] members appointed by the Board of Township Trustees. Each Member is appointed for a five [5] year term. Each term is staggered to have one [1] term ending each calendar year. Members may be reappointed by the Board of Township Trustees. The Board of Township trustees may also appoint two [2] alternate members for terms determined by the Board of Township trustees.

The Township Zoning Commission, in fall 2001, enacted a managed growth resolution for the Residential District to create a window of opportunity to review the Zoning Map and Zoning Resolutions and allow for updating community planning. That time frame allowed for the Township to ensure adequate services could be delivered to its citizens. The Township Trustees approved the new resolution, effective January 5, 2002.


Authority and Responsibility of the Zoning Commission
The Brimfield Township Zoning Commission shall have all of the responsibilities conferred upon it by the Ohio Revised Code and subsequent amendments thereto, and such other duties as will aid in best carrying out the Ohio Revised Code requirements and which at a minimum include: 

A. Keep current the plan for Zoning Districts and regulations for such districts.  Periodic review of the Zoning plan and district regulations in light of changing conditions, comprehensive plan consistency and amendments, community needs and best available planning practices, shall be undertaken by the Zoning Commission to meet this requirement. 

B. Initiate amendments to the Zoning Resolution text and/or district map to accomplish Item A of this Section or where such amendment could result in a better Resolution. 

C. Review Zoning Resolution amendments initiated by Township Trustees or property owners and provide recommendations to the Township Trustees on said amendments for their consideration and action at their public hearing. 

D. Employ or contract with planning consultants, public or private, as necessary to assist the Zoning Commission in carrying out their responsibilities, within the limits of monies appropriated by the Board of Township Trustees for that purpose.           

E. Utilize information and counsel available from appropriate public officials, departments, and agencies, which have information, maps and data pertinent to the Townships needs. 

F. All official actions shall require the vote of three (3) Zoning Commission members who shall constitute a quorum.