Zoning - FAQ

When do I need a Zoning Permit?

A Zoning Permit is required whenever a property owner is increasing the square footage of the principal building or any detached building. All additions shall conform to the setbacks and building envelopes of the Township Zoning Resolution.

Do I need a zoning permit for an accessory building [storage shed]

Maybe, It is the property owner’s responsibility to locate the accessory building consistent with the required zoning setbacks You will need a zoning permit and a building permit if the accessory building exceeds 200 square feet.

Do I need a zoning permit for a fence? 

Yes. All fences shall conform with the Township Zoning Resolution

Do I need a zoning permit for a swimming pool?

Yes. All pools above ground and in ground require a fence and a zoning permit.

What about street, yard, craft and garage sale signs?

Ohio law and Brimfield Township zoning prohibits posting of signage on utility poles and in road right of ways.

As a courtesy the Township allows posting of signage 72 hours prior to the sale. All signage must be removed within 24 hours after the sale. Failure to comply will result in a citation being issued. Please honor this courtesy.

No signage is allowed in any road construction area.