How do I apply for a police officer position with Brimfield Police Department (PD)?

We hire applicants in one of two ways, Entry-Level and Lateral. Entry-level applicants are not required to have OPOTA certification and may be hired and sent through Academy training by our agency. Entry-level applicants may also be currently enrolled in, or previously graduated from an open-enrollment Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy and are now seeking a commission with a police department. All Entry-Level applicants must complete testing through the National Testing Network, send their scores to our department, and submit a Brimfield Township Police Department Employment Application to our department. Lateral applicants currently serving as police officers with another agency are not required to complete online testing through the National Testing Network and undergo an expedited process.

When we are hiring, we will review the applicants on file and if selected, you will be contacted to submit a comprehensive follow-up background investigation package. Additional phases of our process include interviews, polygraphs, psychological examinations, and medical/drug screening.

Please click on the Employment link on our website for complete information on testing and application for both Entry-Level and Lateral applicants.

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1. How do I apply for a police officer position with Brimfield Police Department (PD)?
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