I Have a Complaint Regarding a BPD Officer. What Should I Do?

The Brimfield Police Department takes pride in the service we provide to our community. Sometimes, there is a legitimate question or inquiry regarding what an officer did, our policies, or why an officer did or did not take a particular action. Oftentimes, an explanation by a supervisor can resolve most of these questions, so the first step is to contact the department and ask to speak with the officer's supervisor. If that does not resolve the matter to your satisfaction, the supervisor will arrange for you to complete a written complaint form outlining the specifics of your complaint.

Once the complaint is filed you will be informed of the process that will follow. You will also be kept informed as the process progresses. Upon completion of the investigation a report will be forwarded to the Chief of Police for final disposition. Once the report is approved, you will be informed in writing of the outcome of the investigation of your complaint.

If the only complaint is a contention of innocence of a charge without any allegation of misconduct by a sworn officer, you should seek judicial redress through established court procedure. It is a violation of Ohio law to file a false complaint against a police officer (ORC 2921.15).

Complaint forms are available at the police department or may be completed online.

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