The Brimfield Township Board of Zoning Appeals Virtual Public Hearing is to be held on Wednesday, May 19th, 2021 at 7:00 PM.  To view the meeting, please follow the link at The following items are on the agenda:




Zoning Variance Application: 

Applicant:  Sharon Bowe

Owner:  Sharon Bowe

Address:  1144 Sunview Drive, Mogadore, Ohio 44260

Parcel: 04-059-00-00-049-000   Zoned:   R-2

Variance Request:  Applicant is requesting a variance to place an accessory building on the adjacent lot to the applicants primary building. No principle building on this lot.  Zoning Resolution Section 510.03.A – Except as otherwise specified in this Resolution, all lots shall be permitted a maximum of two accessory buildings or structures in association with a principal building.


Zoning Conditional Use Application: 

Applicant:  Jerry Hawkins

Owner:  Frank Arthur

Address:  4663 State Rt. 43, Kent, Ohio 44240

Parcel: 04-023-00-00-096-001   Zoned:  G-C

Conditional Use Request: Applicant is requesting a Conditional Use permit to keep a residential structure with a home-based business in a G-C District.  Zoning Resolution Section 520.06 – A nonconforming use of a building, structure or land shall not be changed or substituted to another nonconforming use unless the Board of Zoning Appeals decides that the proposed nonconforming use is in less conflict with the character and use of the applicable zoning district than the existing nonconforming use. In permitting such change, the Board of Zoning Appeals may require appropriate conditions and safeguards in accordance with other provisions of this Resolution.



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