The Brimfield Township Board of Zoning Appeals will hold a public hearing on Wednesday,  January 15, 2020 at 7:00 PM at the Brimfield Town Hall, 1333 Tallmadge Road, Brimfield Township, Ohio 44240 for the following applications:

Zoning Variance Application: 

Applicant:  Charles Justice

Owner: Charles & Carolyn Justice

Address:  204 Crimson Trail, Tallmadge, OH  44278

Parcel: 04-040-10-00-095-000  Selnik Rd., Kent, OH  44240   Zoned R-3

Variance Request:  Requesting a variance of 0.04 acre to build a house – per Brimfield Township Zoning Resolution 305.03 A – Residential District R-3 requires .50 (1/2) acre to build.  Acreage of property in question is 0.46 acres.

Zoning Conditional Use Application:

Applicant:  Cortney Martinelli

Owner:  Steven Jordan

Address:  5190 Cline Road

Parcel:  04-008-00-00-013-000  Zoned: R-3

Conditional Use Request:  Home based business for instructional services for Reiki and other wellness services which may require occasional visits with clients at above residence.  Per Brimfield Township Zoning Resolution 400.10 B & C and 515.00, services requested are not listed as permitted home based business/occupation.

All documents will be available for review at the Township Town Hall located at 1333 Tallmadge Road, Kent, Ohio 44240.