The Brimfield Township Board of Zoning Appeals will meet in regular public session on Wednesday, November 14, 2018 at 7:00 PM at the Brimfield Town Hall, 1333 Tallmadge Road, Brimfield Township, Ohio 44240. The agenda will include the following:

Conditional Use Application:
Applicant: Speedway
Owner: Speedway
Location: 4261 State Route 43, Kent, OH 44240
Parcel: 04-032-10-00-001-003
Conditionally Permitted Uses: Sections 310.02 B 4: “Gasoline service stations, subject to the provisions of Chapter 4 and Section 400.10 B 7 and 49”. Section 400.10 B 7: “Structures and activities should have primary access to a collector or arterial street.”

Conditional Use Application:
Applicant: Redwood Living Inc
Owner: Redwood Living Inc
Location: 1202 Jasmine Dr. B Kent, OH 44240
Parcel: 04-033-00-00-023-001
Conditionally Permitted Uses: Dog park added to previously permitted conditional use Section 301.02 B 6: “Planned Residential Developments, subject to the provisions Chapter 4, Section 400.10 B 2,4,5,6,12,54.”

All documents will be available for review at the Township Town Hall located at 1333 Tallmadge Road, Kent, Ohio 44240.