The Brimfield Township Board of Zoning Appeals will meet in regular public session on Wednesday, August 15, 2018 at 7:00 PM at the Brimfield Town Hall, 1333 Tallmadge Road, Brimfield Township, Ohio 44240.   The agenda will include the following:

Zoning Variance Application:   Applicant:  Speedway  Owner:  Speedway  Location:  4261 State Route 43, Kent, OH  44240  Parcel:  04-032-10-00-001-003

Sign Variance Request:  Sections 700.08 – N & 700.13 C-5– Directory sign from 4 ft to 6 ft. in height, and from 10 ft setback road right of way to 4 feet from road right of way when North Drive is dedicated to the township

 Zoning Variance Application:  Applicant:  Randy Dean  Owner:  HotRod Enterprises  Address:  3826 Olmsby Dr. Kent, Ohio 44240  Parcel:  04-042-10-00-144-000

Area Variance Request:  Section 306.03 G – Side setback 7 to 9 ft variance for garage

 Zoning Variance Application:   Applicant:  Helmling  Owner:  Helmling Family LLC  Location:  Mogadore Road,  Kent, OH  44240  Parcel:  04-035-00-00-011-015 – Light Industrial

Variance Request:  Section 313.02 B7 – Uses not covered come before the Board of Zoning Appeals for ruling – to allow continuing use of property

Zoning Variance Application:  Applicant:  Mark Schoonover  Owner:  Mark Schoonover  Address:  4747 Black Walnut Lane, Ravenna, Ohio 44266 Parcel:  04-010-10-00-064-000 – R-3

Area Variance Request:  Section 510.03 Regulations of Buildings and Structures – 1.  “It shall not be located closer than fifteen (15 feet) to any principal building and ten (10) feet from all other non-inhabitable buildings” – Requesting variance from 10 feet to 8 feet

Zoning Variance Application:  Applicant:  Pride One  Owner:  Copper Creek  Address:  1100 Sanctuary View Dr.  Kent, Ohio 44240 Parcel:  04-022-00-00-002-027 – OC- Open Space Conservation District

Area Variance Request:  Section 510.06 – H – “No fence, wall, hedges, and berms or any combination can be located within a public right-of-way, nor can it be located in an area that will obstruct the sight triangle for any motorist or pedestrian.” Variance to allow for Retaining Wall for parking in Road Right of Way.

All documents will be available for review at the Township Town Hall located at 1333 Tallmadge Road, Kent, Ohio 44240.