Hello all,
Thank you for your comments! I always want citizens to have an avenue to ask questions, get answers to concerns or even rant a little, but let’s make sure we think of both sides of the matter. I may recycle, I may not, that’s up to me. I may think it is no big deal having the fees added to my taxes for a service, but I may also be mad as hell that they are added for a service I don’t want. I may save my cans to get money at the recycling center or I may throw them in the garbage. These issues are personal choices and that’s great that we all have these choices!
All of the comments on this subject have been on both sides of the issue and that’s okay. But let’s think about what your township trustees were doing. That includes me as well, as the township Fiscal Officer. We have and always will try to do their best for you the citizens, even though today or on past subjects, you may have disagreed or agreed. We only have one personal agenda, that is to do the best for our citizens. We’re not pounding our chests, just trying to do the best for you.
From the recycling issue, this is a county program, not a township program. We have done our best for the last year to get the best program for our citizens, but unfortunately we have come to an in-pass. On this residential recycling concern, the county will have final say on this issue, not us, so let’s see where it lands.
Our township meetings are at 8am every other Wednesday, so please attend to learn more. Please don’t complain about the time, as we have had meetings at 3pm, and 7pm and the same people show up. Thanks for reading!
John Dalziel