The Brimfield Township Road Department is preparing for winter and the first step was receiving close to 300 tons of salt last month.  Hopefully, they will also hire a new employee.  The employee is NOT a new position but rather to replace a former employee.

One item of importance for both the plow drivers and residents is the location of portable basketball hoops. Brimfield Township has rules regulating where those basketball hoops can and cannot be placed. Basketball hoops cannot be placed in a road right of way, which is 10 feet from where the pavement on the road begins, in other words, hoops must be placed 10 feet from the road. This includes cul-de-sacs. While imperative that the basketball hoops not be in the road right of way at any time, it is especially important that they are removed before winter. No matter what the season, hoops in the road right of way present issues not only for the road department but also for police and fire departments as it inhibits the ability to maneuver their vehicles if needed. If we find hoops in the right of way, they will be confiscated. The township does not keep or store them. Every road has at least a 10 foot right of way. The only item permitted in any road right of way is a mailbox that meets the U.S. Post Office guidelines.

Please also note: Parking bans go into effect ANYTIME there is even a prediction of 2 inches or more of snow or if ice is predicted. Vehicles are not to be parked in any roadway in the township during those times. Roads in which a vehicle is parked will NOT be plowed or salted that day. Please be mindful of the weather forecast and park your vehicles in your driveway or garage.