The Brimfield Township Zoning Commission will meet in public session on Thursday, July 14th, 2022 at 7:00 PM at the Brimfield Township Community Center, 4538 Edson Rd, Brimfield Township, Ohio 44240. If you cannot attend and wish to view the live meeting , please follow the link at


This will be a public work session. The agenda will include:


  • Zoning Amendment Application

Applicant: Craig DeLorenzo

Owner: DeLorenzo Franjesh Holdings LLC

Address: 3070 W. Market St. Suite 200, Fairlawn OH 44333

Location: 4529 – 4547 Mogadore Rd, Kent OH 44240

Parcel: 04-020-00-00-020-000, 04-020-00-00-021-000, 04-020-00-00-022-000, 04-020-00-00-022-001.

Zoned: O-R

Proposed Zoning Change: L-I

Amendment Request: Applicant is requesting a zoning amendment change from the current O-R Office Research zoning district to L-I Light Industrial zoning district for parcel number 04-020-00-00-020-000, 04-020-00-00-021-000, 04-020-00-00-022-000, 04-020-00-00-022-001.



Zoning Map Amendments


The purposed change is to change the Zoning Map from O-R Office Research to R-3 Medium High Density Residential and L-I Light Industrial.


    • Amend Zoning Map from O-R Office Research to R-3 Residential Medium High Density. The amendment consists of 8.78 acres and includes the following parcel numbers: 04-020-00-00-009-000, 04-020-00-00-008-000, 04-020-00-00-008-001, 04-020-00-00-005-000, 04-020-00-00-004-000, 04-020-00-00-006-000, 04-020-00-00-007-000, 04-020-00-00-003-000, 04-020-00-00-002-000, 04-020-00-00-001-000, Part of 04-020-00-00-010-000


  • Amend Zoning Map from O-R Office Research to L-I Light Industrial. The Amendment consists of 99.77 acres and includes the following parcel numbers: 04-020-00-00-020-000, 04-020-00-00-019-000, 04-020-00-00-013-000, 04-020-00-00-018-000, 04-020-00-00-012-000, 04-020-00-00-022-001, 04-020-00-00-014-000, 04-020-00-00-017-000, 04-020-00-00-023-009, 04-020-00-00-014-001, 04-020-00-00-022-000, 04-020-00-00-021-000


  • Town Center Historical District discussion – Todd Peetz will be in attendance



All documents will be available for review upon request and will also be posted on the Township Website

Filed by Economic Development and Zoning Secretary – Lauren Coffman

Phone:  330-678-0319